No Potential

Bryanda R

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As she lays dying in her car She thought her life wouldn’t end this far, She never thought that she would be bleeding, crushed, and feeling the weight of the truck. She never told her mother or father that she loved them enough. She never will see the light of day or see the comforting moonlight in the dark. She will never get to enjoy going out to the parties she would dance at night. She realized that the same tacky reckless driving PSAs were right. Not only did she hold the burden of accidentally being the cause of another death But her life also has become closer to it. What a cruel fate to just become another statistic Life laughing at her simply just being sadistic. She doesn’t even remember what she was checking. Facebook, Instagram, text, or in general multitasking? “What was so important in that phone?” she kept on asking. She finally gave the last breath of a life that should have been fruitful Her death in the end meant a life that no longer was useful. If you do not want the world to flash before your eyes Be responsible and aware of your surroundings and the impact you cause in other people’s lives Most of us do not want others to feel the pain of not only your loss and those you might take. We have no right to not have responsibility once you hit that road and be on your phone Because the actual impact you cause can have a toll like the girl in this story. Follow these rules of driving and not check your phone, then no worries Or else you have the hand of death looking out toward you always being warry.