“It was all his fault! It wasn’t my fault!”

Baylie M

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Lying in an unkown bed surrounded by stillness and the soft weeping of your mother and father, you finally wake up. Your eyes shoot open and all you feel is fear. All you remember is promising your family you’d be safe. Promising you wouldn’t get behind the wheel with your phone in your hand or distractions on your mind. You had only had your license for a month and driving was your new favorite thing to do. Your family realizes you are okay and great joy fills the hospital room that was once silent for days. After many check ups from the doctors and several tests you get to go home. But, nothing is the same. Your little sister was no longer home. Your reason for being such a big role model was no longer a reason to live, because she was gone. She was so excited to be able to go places with you that she even went with, when all your mom had asked for was a gallon of milk. You later learn about the accident and what really happened. You were so safe. You never looked at your phone, you never had the music too loud, you never had crazy passengers in the car. You were a good driver. But, just because you knew how to be safe and protect your family, doesn’t mean it was enough. Because, this time, it wasnt. It was the other drivers fault. He was the one on his phone, he was the one blaring music, and he was the one with 3 other people in the car. He was also the one that killed your sister. You would yell and scream every day “It was all his fault!! It wasn’t my fault!!” Your family now has to live life knowing your 14 year old sister is gone and will never get to grow up. She never even got to do your favorite thing, drive. You began waking up every morning after only getting an hour of sleep. Not only because you had too much on your mind but because the loud screams that echoed through the halls from your moms room late at night always seemed to keep you up. You wanted change. You were done living life knowing others were being killed by reckless driving, so you decided it was time to minimize those accidents. You made videos after videos, and posters after posters, explaining what your family has gone through and telling others to put the phone down, turn down the music, and start being a safe driver. Not only for their own lives, but for the lives of others and their little sisters too. Like yours, who died so young.