The Choice

Melina M

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Eyes on the road The unbowed asfalt Once safe but now a mans martyr The man who can’t bare to be smarter Despite the scene he gravitates to the screen That painstakingly kills men like him with a routine Praying that it won’t be a poorly timed contravene I think he’s just obsessed with you You being the possession His concession The only expression of his being Because despite the news he only reaches for you He thinks its a social misconstrue That “nothing bad ever happens to me” That’s just his point of view But his view was down Not looking out his front window Green… Buzz…Buzz…Buzz Yellow…. Calling him to see his possible next “like” Maybe it’s a notification from his tinder swipe Curiosity turns him into a stereotype And he reaches for the screen without regards to other beings Red… Maybe if he looked up they would be alive A family of five But his internal drive made the call His limbs wrote the grimm story And gave him the survivors guilt What if he put it on silent? Then he wouldn’t be the violent tyrant Who took too many lives with one compliant look in the wrong direction Don’t blame it all on him though He just did what the average American would do Dopamine did the deed for him And society backed him up saying “Rest in peace to those lost in the tragic accident” Instead of accepting, we must be protecting by conveying a different image A dirtier one of those who make the fatal choice “Rest in peace to those whose lives were ripped out of their hands By a screen and a selfish man with a dream Putting others aside to satisfy his self-esteem”