Distracted and Reckless Driving Solution

Karina M

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Many drive with a phone right by there side every single day. Many have a tendency to use their phone at all times even when they are driving. Also, being reckless drivers. They can be texting someone they are just about to meet or even be on social media just to see what is going on at the moment. I believe that their should be something on everyone’s phone to prevent to use their phone when they are the ones driving. Nowadays there should be something in our technology to stop us from using our phones when we are the ones driving. I see many people just grab their phone time to time just to look if they have received a notification. In that moment anything could have happened in a second or even half a second. People who make the phones have realized how their phones can go bad easily by managing the phone as to when they should start going bad. For instance, people I knew had iPhones that went bad when new technology from them came out. Instead, they should change that into having an automatic screen to lock the person driving from using their phone when they are on the road. People are reckless and distracted when they just grab their phone for just even a millisecond.