The Night Before Christmas

Nikita W


BEEP! LOOK OUT! LILY NO! Daryl can you please tell us what happened on December 24th of 2017? December 24th change my life Sometimes I catch a glimpse, In softened waves in her beautiful eyes blue that turned into shock I try to believe there is no word, no label, no identifying me I am not a murder but when I remember December 24th I feel like one I ask myself was replying back to text that important,I was in a trying to backup the car. I always back up the car so its easier for my family to get in the car. I was paying to much attention I was trying to do two things at once. I was in a rush………I am so sorry Lily Smith The struggles I face from day to day Could you imagine a pain so deep down inside? I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, that is the pain that I am feeling is almost so unreal. I wish I could go back and never even look at that phone. Lily was only ten and she not here because of me and I have to life with that. I sat there and watched her, helpless fighting for every breath. As she yells “daddy please help,daddy!” and she reaches out for me I killed my own daughter over a text I KILL MY OWN DAUGHTER I DON’T WANT TO LIVE,LILY DADDY IS SO SORRY Mr.Smith please calm down


How using your phone while trying to drive can affect you more than a person can think in a short poem.