What about me?

Alexis R

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Did you think about me? The little twelve year old girl sitting in the front passenger seat of her mother’s car? Did you think about my cousin, sitting right behind me? She’s not even six months older than I, yet I got to sit upfront. Why would you speed out of a parking lot? You know that people, young and old, walk through that way all the time. Would you have stopped if we had been walking? Or would you still race out of the lot as if you had someone chasing after you? Was someone chasing after you? Probably not. It was just the Walmart parking lot, we hadn’t seen anyone or even another car after you had almost ran into us. I bet you were distracted by your phone. Or maybe you had been drinking. I don’t know. All I know is you made my mom so mad that she started to swear in front of us. But I bet you wouldn’t know that. You don’t even care. So long as you get to where you’re going, no one else matters. But what if you had crashed into us. Would you e sorry then? For killing at least one little girl, if not two? Maybe three because her twin was right beside her in the back seat. What would you do then? Would you claim you didn’t see us? That it was my mom’s fault, she came out of nowhere. But then … that didn’t happen. So you didn’t think about me, or us, then, why should you now?