My Big Goal

Zafira H

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I began ballet when I was 12. Unlike the other girls who began ballet before they could talk, my family had financial struggles. I was the youngest of 8 children, so in most scenarios in my life, my older sibling came first. They were first at picking the tv show, first to get food at dinner, and first to get new things because they “needed it more”. When I turned 12, I had decided that it was time that I was the first at something. While all my other sibling were more into sports such as soccer, football, and track, I wanted to dance. I had begged my mother to let me dance as I did many times before, but this time, she said yes. I was so excited. I already had a few outfits from previous Halloweens, because I only dressed up as a ballerina for the past years. On the first day of ballet practice, I was paired with a group of girls who were nearly eight or nine years old; However, it didn’t phase me, I was too excited to finally be able to pursue my dreams of ballet. As time progressed, I excelled past my group and by the age of 13, I was with the 13 year old group. At first, the girls looked at me as if an outcast, and I could hear them talking behind my back, but that only served as motivation. By the summertime, my only focus was to get into the Arts High School for my passion, ballet. I got into the Arts High School and felt an abundance of joy. On my first day in ballet class, my teacher said my skill wasn’t enough to be accepted into college. I knew my experience level wasn’t superb due to only doing ballet for two years, but I had asked her how I could improve. She said I must learn Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Tap. I felt ready for the challenge because the school had offered everything I needed to take the classes, and I had learned ballet in 2 years.This made me feel I could learn these three skills in four years. It was my senior year, and I had not been scouted by colleges yet. I worked harder everyday, and began consulting with many colleges. When finally, one day my dream college had contacted me for an audition. By this time, I was driving to the audition while talking on the phone with my mother. I almost ran a red light because my mind slipped while looking at the phone. This made me think to take my time and focus while at the audition, but I didn’t even think of the danger I could have put myself in if I did run the red light. I got into the college. I was so proud. I called my mother on the way home but she didn’t answer. I couldn’t wait to tell her so I went on my messenger app and —-. I woke up in the hospital and could not move my hands or feet. My mother, father, and 7 siblings were in the hospital room crying. If only I payed more attention to the road and waited until I got home to tell my mother, rather than texting her. I did not end up going to college for ballet because my feet never worked the same. I ended ballet at 18. Wait to read that text message, don’t jeopardize your life. Stay safe,stay attentive, and minimize distractions while on the roads including using your phone and loud music.