Everything Will Be Ok

Keely G

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“Can you hear me, sir?” the voice yelled faintly. You strained your neck trying to examine your surroundings. Your vision being blurred, the bright, flashing, blue and red lights were zooming in rapidly and spreading all over the place. Noises and shouts became audible but were still faint. Craning your neck back to its original, flat position, you saw a black silhouette above you. Squinting hard, the figure seemed much closer than your eyes said so. “Sir, can you hear me?” the figure shouted. “There was a collision with another vehicle. If you can speak, can you tell me if you’re feeling ok? If not, shake your head that you at least can hear me!” You attempted to speak, only to croak and choke on the thick blood coming upwards through your throat. Inaudible words turned into gurgles, and the gurgles caused your body to writhe in despair, for you couldn’t voice the panic you were experiencing and the terrified thoughts rampaging through your head. The black silhouette spoke again. “I need a medic!” The haunting memories of the last time you were in a collision with another was due to having no seat belt on. However, this crash was different. Audio of the car (in which you drove) speeding blasted through your ears. All you could think about was how you got a call moments before about a report of your wife being in a car collision because there was a drunk driver. You recalled that you stepped on the gas pedal forcefully, trying to get to the scene as soon as possible. You didn’t think about what you were doing on the road. You didn’t think about the vehicles and its drivers around you. All you thought about was your determined mindset to get there, but little did you know the light was the color of bright blood, especially since your eyes wandered toward the glowing screen from your phone: another call was incoming. As you looked up, trying to ignore everything, your eyes widened and tires squealed as you tried to press on the brake pedal. There was a loud crash as the metal from both vehicles collided. You remember there was pain and liquid rushing all over your body, just like there was now. Then the darkening sky, filled with ominous clouds, became pitch black. Going back to reality, things started to get fuzzy. Breathing was difficult and your body felt numb, as if you were floating. You felt your eyes roll back as your eyelids felt so heavy, they fell. “Everything would be ok, just like last time,” you thought. The figure, witnessing a potential death, cried out. “Stay with me, sir! Just a little longer, alright? Everything will be ok. Just stay with me.” The voice drifted away, and it slowly became inaudible. “Everything will be ok…”