A Split Second

Erika A

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It only takes one moment to ruin someone’s life. Is it really worth it to answer your friend’s text right at that moment; or to make sure you get to work on time? Is it worth another person’s dad, grandmother, child, or best friend dying or getting injured just because you had more important things to than focus on the road? We get so caught up in our daily lives that we believe to have become pro multitaskers, which isn’t always a good thing. When you drive by someone on their phone it makes you furious to see that they aren’t focusing on the road instead they are staring at their cells. These “handy” devises have given us too close of a connection to the outside world, even when we aren’t driving. Not only are our cellphones part of the problem, our emotions can get in the way as well. Someone cuts in front of you on the highway and you immediately get a feeling to give them pay back; this becomes a situation where you are driving angry and putting others in danger. We have to make a decision every time we get into a vehicle whether we are going to give driving our full attention or if we are willing to put ourselves and others in danger.