Three seconds.

Karina R

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Mom always warned me to look both ways before I passed the street. So I did what I was told, Which always got me home safe. I was excited because Samuel had asked me to prom. It was the best day of my life. It was our very last prom with our class graduates. Before we all went off on our own path and accomplished the impossible. Before we realized that this point on, we would be adults. I drove home smiling ear to ear. I drove by Archer Drive to Mount Street, I was at the edge of Mount St and I was getting ready to press the gas.. In the moment, I waited. Waited to pass the street I saw the car stop. I continued to drive. As I was driving, a driver began to drive and swerved past his lane. I stayed shocked and the next thing I knew there were doctors all over me yelling if I could hear them. My eyes were heavy and they fell shut to a noise from my heart beating rapidly to complete silence. I opened my eyes to my family on the left side of the hospital bed. I saw everyone crying at how bad my injury was I heard loud whispers that I could possibly not walk anymore. Hearing that I was paralyzed from my waist and down, I lost hope in ever walking again. I couldn’t even attend my own prom because I was still in critical condition. I was told that the driver who hit me, was trying to reach for their phone and was highly intoxicated, considering he was a minor. Their foot had let go of the brake and they lost control of the wheel when passing towards me. It took three seconds to reach for their phone and lose control. My heart started beating and skipping beats. My heart felt as if it was going to burst out my chest. The doctor told me to calm down and lie down. I started gasping for air unable to catch my breath. A beeping sound from the machine started to occur. Everything was a blur to the sound of light, to the sound of nothing. All I could see was brightness turn into darkness Beeeeeep. went the machine. It took three seconds for me to lose my pulse. Three seconds. That’s all it takes. Three seconds to end someone’s life and dreams. Three seconds to lose hope. Three.