The day the world shattered

tyler b

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I woke up with a text from my friends sayin come to the beach. With little gas, I was unsure if I would even reach. Today was the perfect summer day. Hearing I was accepted to my top school, everything was going my way. I jumped in my car and took off, drove so fast I almost drove on my neighbors lawn. Little did I know, the mother down the road and the child in her stroller were merely my pawns. My phone buzzed and I saw it was from the girl I was dying to get. It was a decision I will forever regret. All I heard was a scream and that was it. That was the day I knew my life was completely split. I wept and I couldn’t even breathe, nothing but some huffs. Next thing I know, the cops slapped on some cuffs. My parents cried with emotions of distraught and anger. They knew they couldn’t do anything, I was put away like a jacket on a hanger. As I now rot in my cell, my life is ruined and my scholarship cut apart like a knife. Never again will I play lacrosse, never again will I live a normal life. As I rot in my cell, I feel nowhere near flattered. Thinking about the day the world shattered