Sleepless Nights

Andrea S


I lay awake deep into the night Not a sound can be heard through the house Every night is a sleepless night I toss and turn to find a comfortable position But it is not my body that is uncomfortable It is my mind If only I could go back in time I would have never sent that text If only you waited You would be hear with me I miss the sound of your laugh I miss the fire in your personality I miss your shoulder to cry on The text had no importance whatsoever It could’ve waited You could’ve waited If only you could see how one text broke an entire family Then you too would understand that it can wait


This poem is from the perspective of a sibling who sent the text that ended in a car accident. The sibling feels guilty about sending the text, but is also mad that the sister/brother answered the text to begin with. The poem serves as a way to persuade others to not text and drive, seeing as one text could destroy a family.