Mikaila T

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Tires screeching along with broken glass A warm sensation flowing down my face Red and orange beacons appear, My body feels as if I have been stepped on my an elephant The rain slams against the 2 ton scrapped metal and glass; The thunder throws a temper tantrum I can feel my conscience coming and going Suddenly, I hear a faint voice calling I feel my body tugging and being strapped Again, I hear sirens Rolling toward the ambulance I can see the looks on their faces I’d already knew my best friend was gone The commiseration in their eyes told it all I knew not to look over at the wreckage It was bad, I know I had to leave here knowing for she was gone By now, my heart is in fragments An arm was hanging from the crumbled metal Her blood decorated the streets and metal I can’t blame anyone but myself I decided to text on my phone instead of paying attention I didn’t even see that car My best friend is now dead because of me. She will never be able to get married or have children Graduating high school and moving away to college is out of the question. I can’t forgive myself I won’t be able to look her mother and father in the eyes and explain to them that a text message was more important than their little girl’s life.