I let them down…

Carlos M

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“I’m almost there, just a few minutes ’till I come home.” *sigh* I remember that fateful day, the exact minute it happened. I was so caught up with my phone, with texting, and listening to the radio. I called my friend and told him about the new person that I was now… While making sure that no officer saw me talking on the phone, driving past the stop sign. But, I didn’t want to let my phone down. I was laughing at the jokes he made while calling me, it was hilarious. “Oh, hold up man, my jam is playing” *Turns up radio volume* “YEAAAAA!!!” “Sorry man, I’ll call you later, I’m headed towards my house.” *sigh* I put down my phone on my lap and left it there. But, I didn’t want to lower my radio’s volume down. “Just five more blocks ’till I get home.” I told myself Trying to get there faster, I started to increase the weight on my gas pedal. I noticed a bright light ahead and just ignored it because I felt a vibration on my lap. I quickly lowered the volume on my radio and glanced at my phone while looking ahead of the street. But, I didn’t want to let down the person who texted me. *Text from Mom* “Are you almost here honey, we are waiting for you to celebrate your brother’s 15th birthday party” I had my lil’ brother’s gift in the passenger seat, and I was so happy to soon give it to him. I replied with “I’m almost there, just a few minutes ’till I come h—” I woke up with the most dreadful pain. In front of my car there was another car, inside of that car was a man and a car seat in the back. Police arrived and asked questions, feeling guilty about the situation I confessed to the authorities. I heard something about two deaths in the accident. Realizing that those two deaths were…. I let everyone down… even those two who died… Over a stupid decision that I made over texting and driving. “I’m so sorry” I told the woman, who was now a widow, because of my wrongdoing. Now, I have to live with this, for the rest of my life.