Was It Worth It?

Jordyn P

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The vibration sounds out as it rocks on the center console. Was it truly worth putting your calloused fingertips on the slick device? You knew full well what could happen. They always warned you of the consequences, yet you still disregarded the aftermath of it all. You thought that nothing major could happen in those few short seconds. But something did happen, and it was life-altering. That little car you hit held a little boy who was three and his baby sister. They were heading to their aunt’s house so she could watch the kids. Their parents anniversary was the next day. They never made it. Both of the parents were crushed on impact and the children were left hanging upside down. The little boy went unconscious and his little sister broke her arm. Those two kids will never know their parents and all because of a text that said ‘hey.” You left with a small dent in your truck and a little burn on your collarbone from the seat belt. They left with no parents. So, was it worth it?