Bonus Votes

Bonus votes is the number of points earned from submitting social shares.


Just– A jingle of keys A few unspoken things A wave of a hand A nod to understand A roar of the engine Now here comes your mission: Going to school? Going to work? Going to get groceries? Going to meet a friend? Going shopping? Just another errand. Just another day. Just another drive. Just another ride. Your song is on You turn it up Just as if it was a concert you had seen before Just one song Is that such a crime? Feeling the music You cloud your senses As your brain registers the rhythm and the noise Over the sights and sounds that surround your car Just one moment Just one time A buzz catches your attention the screen illuminates Just one second Just one glance Just one reply Just one like Just one touch Just one time It takes one second For a car to appear For a car to swerve For a light to change For life to change course In that next second, A moment of blinding, unescapable abyss Time is nonexistent Your senses are dull and slow Focus is gone Fear arrives Panic consumes you Your speed is way too fast Devastation reigns Lives are ruined Nothing is the same. Ba Bum. Ba Bum. Ba Bum. Is that your heartbeat? Is it mine? Is it one your friends? Is it a sibling? Is it from someone who was in the other car? Is it an innocent life you destroyed? Is this your fault? Was it ever just one song? Was it ever just a text? Was it ever just a social media update? Was it ever just your life? Was it worth it? Was the cost worth the crime? Was the action worth the consequences? Was it worth it? You just–