Waiting Till You’re Home

Justelyn M

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I was waiting for you till sunrise. I sat and waited for your keys to inject the doorknob. 4am. Nothing. 8am. You’re still not here. When are you coming home? You’re usually back around 9 at night. That should have been yesterday. I miss you already. I whimper as I start to get worried. Have I not been a good boy? I may have sometimes eaten your shoes, trashed the house, and I may have pooped on the floor a couple of times, but I promise I’ll be good. Please come home soon. I get my car keys and turn on the engine. It’s been a long day at work, and I had to work overtime. I drive the car wondering, “Ramsy must be really hungry by now.” I check the time. 8:30 am Time goes by fast when you’re busy. I took my phone out to check the security camera at home. I see him laying down. Waiting by the door. I turn on the mic to speak to him. I heard people honk, but I ignored. “Hey bud-” He’s back! I wait for the door to open. I’m confused. I just heard his voice. Isn’t he home already? I bark and I bark. Few minutes pass by and the door is still closed. Where are you?