Waiting Till You’re Home

Justelyn M


I was waiting for you till sunrise. I sat and waited for your keys to inject the doorknob. 4am. Nothing. 8am. You’re still not here. When are you coming home? You’re usually back around 9 at night. That should have been yesterday. I miss you already. I whimper as I start to get worried. Have I not been a good boy? I may have sometimes eaten your shoes, trashed the house, and I may have pooped on the floor a couple of times, but I promise I’ll be good. Please come home soon. I get my car keys and turn on the engine. It’s been a long day at work, and I had to work overtime. I drive the car wondering, “Ramsy must be really hungry by now.” I check the time. 8:30 am Time goes by fast when you’re busy. I took my phone out to check the security camera at home. I see him laying down. Waiting by the door. I turn on the mic to speak to him. I heard people honk, but I ignored. “Hey bud-” He’s back! I wait for the door to open. I’m confused. I just heard his voice. Isn’t he home already? I bark and I bark. Few minutes pass by and the door is still closed. Where are you?


This short story is about a dog who waits for his owner to come home, but eventually doesn’t because while the owner drives, he takes his phone out to check on Ramsy(the dog) on the security camera he has at home. So while driving, his eyes aren’t on the road and are on his phone, looking at his dog. He goes to speak to Ramsy, but gets cut off because he got into a crash. Ramsy thought his owner arrived because he heard his voice, but he’s still not home, and might never will be. First paragraph is Ramsy’s point of view Second is the owner Third is back to Ramsy