“Stay Safe”

Taylor I

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Just this one time. I could do it. Just one time, that does not count, right? My phone buzzed in my pocket, And thoughts of my mother reminding me to stay safe, And thoughts of me nodding and getting in the car. She wouldn’t know, Right? It would never happen again. My eyes look down, Away from the road, Away from where they were taught to look. As my thumb reaches to answer the text, Everything stops, Everything is quiet. It was the quiet before a storm, When my life flashed before my eyes, I thought I could fix this, All until I look up, And the glass shattered And the car began to flip. Everything went numb, Everything went black, And I had heard the phone that was once buzzing hit the ground. And that’s how she found me, Laying lifeless on the ground, My mother who had warned me, “Stay safe, and stay off of the phone” But I thought it wouldn’t count, Just this one time, I thought it wasn’t true, That texting and driving could take lives.