Putting An End to Distracted Driving

Chris G

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Distracted drivers kill at least one person, and injure nine, on a daily basis in the United states, according to “TheBalance.com.” It’s sad reality that we must face as a nation. Teenagers are responsible for most of these incidents for various reasons. The notable ones are cellphones and talking to others inside the vehicle. As a teenager who drives, I understand how easy it is to get distracted. We all love listening to music, while behind the wheel. But, the radio isn’t our favorite option. Most of us tend to plug in our phone with an aux cord and play our the music of our choice from there. That however, is very distracting. Taking your eyes off the road for the smallest amount of time, can lead to a disaster. Not to mention, texting is even worse because it takes longer than selecting a song. To continue, we also like to hang out with friends. When we’re with them, sometimes we lose mind to the fact that we are behind the wheel. Those few moments of fun, can lead to a mistake which can be costly, in many ways. Another thing to take into consideration, is that we all go through a lot of stuff in life. Especially at this age, with drama at school or random factors that stress us out. They hit us unexpectedly and don’t seem to leave our minds soon. It’s hard to ignore them and avoid them. So, what can be done? I believe the insurance companies can stop this epidemic. If they were to reward teen drivers for staying accident free for a period of time, then more teens would be motivated to be better drivers. If there’s one thing we all want in life, especially at this age, it’s money. If a teen knows money could be on the way, he/she is less likely to pick up that phone or entertain others while behind the wheel. This is a better solution, than punishing us. While insurance companies may be hesitant to do this, it could go a long way for preventing accidents and ultimately benefiting them and the world in general.