Oh Momma

Gina V

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Oh momma, I remember when You taught me how to drive You laid down all the rules And said I was sure to thrive “Be careful with your anger” You told me this each day “Emotions are quite powerful, And can quickly lead astray” So whenever someone cut me off I heard your voice inside my head It was better for me to be late Than for someone else to wind up dead Oh momma, I took your rules And hid them in my heart You had me put on my seatbelt Before the car would even start You said the car was only for driving That makeup could be put on at home So I only used makeup in bathrooms And my eyes have never roamed You said not to check my phone Or turn the radio up too loud Oh momma, please know I never have You would have been so proud “Always go the speed limit, It’s there for a reason, my dear” I will and I do and I ALWAYS have I promise, you have nothing to fear Oh momma, please know I listened Your rules, they all rang true If only the teenager who hit you Had known all of them too If only someone had taught him Not to speed or use his phone Then maybe you’d still be here And I wouldn’t be alone