Dangerous Driving

Jennie H

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Nowadays it is much more common for a teenager to get into a collision that is caused by distracted driving, than it is for an adult. Why is that? Well maybe, you decide to take that one extra friend home when you know it’s only safe to have a limited amount of people in your vehicle, or you see a text from a friend, who you are just so excited to talk to. Why are these kinds of things more important than being safe? That answer may be revealed. For some simple ways to stop it, we could make an impact on someone, and hopefully everyone. Education is the main key in every process. Why not teach someone common knowledge about driving safely, and the consequences of driving while distracted? Many over-the-summer camps, or conventions, have created things such as “docu-dramas”, game plans, and educational programs to help others who need to be educated more distracted driving. I believe that if every school were to have a docu-drama, it would help hit closer to home, showing students and teens that driving distracted isn’t something to mess around with. Just because you believe it couldn’t happen to yourself, it is highly likely if you have a phone in your hand, aren’t paying attention to the road, or if you aren’t driving the way you should be, to happen to you. If not only schools, but maybe even wide spread organizations were to help educate or promote the fight against distracted driving using helpful presentations, then it could help spread the word to drive as safely as possible. Showing students that about 11 teens die a day, due to distracted collisions, 50% of teens who have died would still be alive if only they had worn a seat belt, the risk of a crash multiplies when 3 or more passengers are in one vehicle, or atleast 1 in 4 collisions that take place were because of phone use, could possibly show them that distracted driving is no joke. It is something that needs to be taken more seriously. Teens should be educated on what could happen if you weren’t wearing your seat belt, if you had answered that last text, or what would have happened if you had invited one more person into your vehicle. Driving dangerously is no joke. Not only is it possibly costing your life, but also many others. Don’t take away someone’s loved one, including yourself. Every life matters, drive safer, and be cautious of the consequences.