The Wrongful Termination of Life


Today You are a newly licensed teen Passionate about the future of humanity Driving towards great destiny Today You casually scroll through Facebook Hastily making turns and speeding through red lights With one hand on the wheel Today Facebook news feeds feature fast-spreading epidemics and gun violence Anger bubbles up within you You wonder why people continue to die preventable deaths You wonder why the world is so unfair You wonder what can be done Yet today Amidst chaotic controversies that remain debatable and unresolved Lies the forgotten administrator of death Today A fearful high-pitched scream pierces the air Followed by a horrific thud You dreadfully look up from your phone screen As you get a glimpse of reality Today Your heart beats feverishly Tears stream endlessly And body shakes uncontrollably You wish you could take it back Go back into the past and have shut off your cell phone To have kept your eyes on the road To have seen that little girl crossing the street Today Facebook could have waited You should have waited Today You became a murderer The cause of a preventable death No amount of regret and what you “should have” done can change what is already done It is done The destruction of yet another innocent soul Is done


This poem, entitled “Wrongful Termination of Life”, was inspired by the recent Florida school shooting and other injustices in the world. Today’s society and legislation sometimes neglects immoral practices. The people of America are quick to recognize and fight against unfair practices. Yet, as American citizens worry about the wrongful deaths of others, they continue to put themselves and others at risk when they are driving. Reckless driving today is one of the leading causes of deaths for Americans, especially teens. It is entirely hypocritical when people judge the system for allowing people to die preventable deaths and yet they continue to use their phones when they drive. It is unacceptable that individuals pride themselves with helping others and making the world a better place while they are putting others in danger. This creative writing piece’s intent is to advocate for safe, concentrated driving by illustrating the severity of the issue at hand- allowing people to recognize the risk of reckless driving before risk becomes reality.