Liliana S

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I was just going to look, momma I swear I only looked away for a moment Just one Not three Not even two Just one I wasn’t going to text, momma I swear But trees and road bends and the laws of physics don’t care about “going to” just “did” I had my seatbelt on, momma I swear But I guess that doesn’t matter when you hit a three-hundred year old oak head-on at sixty miles an hour well sixty-one I didn’t mean to make you cry, momma I swear But “mean to” isn’t much comfort when your child is being lowered into the ground by friends who used to laugh with them instead of cry without them I was gonna change the world, momma I swear I had it all planned out job, house, dog white picket fence It’s all dust now Food for the worms Everyone was gonna know my name, momma But now I’m dust Just a name On a stone In a graveyard Who stops getting visitors after twenty years Twenty years is a long time, momma But not compared to forever Not compared to a lifetime Momma why didn’t you tell me?