Skyler C

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Your head is drowned by a ringing sensation. As you become conscious, you hear the faint beeping of a machine. You hear a persistent dripping of a liquid. Your eyes are blurred from deep slumber. Unable to perceive where you are, you attempt to speak. However, your throat, parched, can barely make an audible sound. Your mind frantically tries to identify the predicament you are in. Your solution is to run away, but your body aches all over. You try to move but the pain that seeps through halts your attempt. You lay momentarily, paralyzed by fear. You try calming down and retracing your steps. The beating of your heart only gets louder. You are flooded with memories of a horrible accident. The people involved are hazy, you can’t make out their faces. You see blood, glass, pieces of metal, and bodies on the floor. You express your anguish for such a melancholic scene. Your memories begin to accelerate. Suddenly a light shines so brightly you look away. It envelops you and blinds you. Stunned by this illumination, you try to stay focused. Nothingness pursues. Exhausted from your first awakening, you slip back into unconsciousness.