Real Cost

Joseph C

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Trees bone still tonight A bird stands perched, staring down Flashing blue red lights A late 90’s blue Sudan Windshield pieces scattered The hood of the car Arched like a colored rainbow Never seen again A very tall, old, gnarled oak tree Its bark scattered on the groud Cracked by a fender One hundred years of growing Ended, cars move fast The Sign wasn’t bright enough Didn’t turn left fast enough A kid on the hood The skin turned grey and lifeless Colored like gravestones Twisted mangled spinal cord No longer meeting the head Jutting out the neck Curious dog’s tilted head Seen here tonight Mother, sat crying a lake Dad, desperate to console A group of police Investigating the scene Finding a small phone Clutched in the kid’s cold dead hands A text recently sent out Must be important A matter of life and death To leave the parents Staring at their lifeless boy Taken From them far too soon Must’ve been important