1 second

jaden b

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1 second. Just 1 second is all it takes to change your life forever. You here the notification come through. Who could it be from? Is it your special someone or is it your mom wondering why you are running late. Should you just look real The ? It wont hurt right? it will only take a second to see who its from. 1 second to see who is on the other end of that notification. You take the chance I mean what can it really hurt. You glance down and its them your special someone wanting to get together later. Then you hear metal scraping. You feel pain like you have never felt before. This cant be happening you only looked away for a minute. You have big plans tonight. You wake to people screaming, sirens are everywhere. Just that one second has changed your life forever. It has changed the lives of many forever. It has changed your family and the family of those you hit. All for 1 second!