Was it Worth It?

Kathryn R

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Was It Worth It? I’m sure it was too difficult to pay attention that day 2 seconds of distraction and what do you have to say Was it worth it to check your phone? Those people you killed, how their eyes had once shone If you hadn’t been distracted you would have known That the light had changed and you shouldn’t have flown Was it worth it to fix your hair? And now they lay shattered on the ground like glassware Your music was too high and you drove without care You didn’t have a care for those you would impair Was it worth it to have fun with your crew? And risk them dying like the people you slew I bet you thought it would never happen to you “I’m a good driver it’s an ok thing for me to do” I wonder what would happen if you told them that? The family you killed without a clue… Of all the damage your actions could do