You can wait

Ashley P


Cries are what you will hear The cries of your loved ones They will ask the doctor what happened Why did you go so soon? A car crash is what happened Once the doctors leave Your loved ones will softly whisper “Was it so important?” Was it? The text, I mean Did you see who was texting you? It must have been from your boss or something Right? It wasn’t a text? Ahh, it must have been a snapchat Or maybe a facebook notification? Regardless, they are all the same They keep us distracted from the task at hand But you still haven’t answered my question Was it important? I mean, was it more important than your life? Could it have waited? Karma didn’t seem to want to wait In fact, he never waits Don’t look down Look up and ahead of you Buckle up because You are not karma Karma is not you So you can wait


This writing piece was meant to show a conversation between me and the reader. The reader has gotten into an accident because they were texting while driving. This poem is suppose to make the reader think about the aftermath and consequences if they choose to text while driving.