But Mom, You Promised…


*Between a young mom and her five year old daughter Ella* Ella: So mom, how is it that some people can drive while on the phone and others can’t? Mom: Well Ella, some people believe they have the ability to text and drive because they don’t know actions come with consequences. Ella: *With a complete face of confusion* Consequences? What does a time-out have to do with texting and driving? Mom: Not all consequences are a time-out, some consequences never go away. Sometimes, people have the worst type of consequence and never wake up again. Ella: Mom…will you promise that you’ll always wake up and to never be on your phone while driving? Mom: My dear I promise I will never have to face the consequence of not waking up. *Four months later Ella is at home with a sitter waiting for her Mom to come home from work* *Ella picked a bundle of flowers from the store for her mom because it was her birthday* *Mom is driving home and decides to answer a text while going down the road* One second her phone is lit up with a “Happy Birthday” from her mother. The next, she’s laying in the morgue after a she runs straight into a tree due to a late reaction* *A couple days later* Ella: *Standing over her mother’s casket holding the bundle of wilted birthday flowers and tears streaming down her face* Mom…you promise you’d wake up from your consequence..you promised…please wake up Mom…please keep your promise.


Ella, a five year old girl, has a discussion with her mom about texting and driving. Ella’s mm promised she would never do such and would always return home, but little did Ella know her mom did not and could not keep that promise.