Maybe it was worth my life

Chris R

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Dear Mom, Not enough people value there life until they come across there last moments in this world. Laying in this hospital bed, it’s unbelievable to think that this letter will be the last time you ever hear from me, your only beloved son. After the crash, as I was lying on the ground, with the noise of sirens filling the background, I hear the officer say that the other driver, who was also 17, was texting on his phone. I started to wonder what he was thinking. Was it that important that he had to to pick up the phone and respond? Hadn’t he seen the statistics that distracted driving is the leading cause for fatal accidents in teens? Was it really worth risking his life, or even worse, was it worth ending mine? It doesn’t matter though, the action has been done. He has my forgiveness, as I lay here, I think about how much this hurt. I don’t mean physically either. All my life I’ve wanted to not only be great, but to make a difference in others lives. Ever since I was young, everything that I had done was to make you and dad proud, and because of you guys, I graduated high school at the top of my class, with a 4.0, I was a two-time all-american in football and in track, and I was getting ready to go continue my education and football career at the University of Stanford. I gave a lot back to my community too. While my friends went to party Saturday nights, I volunteered at the Boy’s and Girl’s club in order to help kids have a bright future and to be a light in there lives. As I was leaving to go to college, just this morning, I remember you telling me , “You are phenomenal, continue to spread your hard work and your positive energy, you will inspire the world and make a difference.” As I lay in this hospital, it struck me that I will not be able to that because a driver needed to respond to a text. Well surely, if he responded, and he was aware of the risks, it HAD to have been worth my life. The nurse said that I don’t have much time, and I can feel my heart beat slower and slower. I start to feel at peace with my life, as it comes to an end, I realize what I have done. The other driver has my full forgiveness. Thank you Mom for everything. You loved and believed in me more than anyone ever did. Everything I did was to make you proud, and I hope I did a good job. You made me be great. Live by and continue to spread my ideals that with hard work and hope, you can accomplish anything. I love you mom, and I hope to see you soon. Your son, Chris Rabideau