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Paulina J

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1 new message: Texting seems like the simplest thing But when you least expect it, It can do some serious killing As I text my best friend to save me a seat On my way to a concert I couldn’t wait for Her response was not important or neat All it said was “ok” Two letters that can ruin so many lives Because while I checked her response I drove into a 2-ton Semi. I woke up in a bright room very confused But as soon as I remembered what had happened I only felt accused I remember driving to a concert and then checking my phone And while crashing into a semi-truck I also remembered that I was not alone I kept asking where in the hospital my younger sister was placed And since no one was answering me I began to worry And only remembered her smiling face If only I didn’t look at my phone and kept driving I wouldn’t be here weeping over my sister’s death We would both be having the time of our lives and thriving Next time you hear the notification go off on your phone Stop before looking at it and ask your self Is someone else’s death something you are ready to own?