Jayde C


Hi, my name is Alyssa and I am 9 years old. I love school and I love walking home like the big girl I am. I died today. I died because your best friend sent you a really important text. It said “When r you coming.” It was so important you took your eyes off the road. When you took your eyes off the road you took my life. I was walking home from school, I had the best day ever! I skipped and I jumped and I crossed the road without a care. Until, you hit me. You hit me and you turned my body into a mess. I lost my life because you felt that text was more important than me. More important than the experiences I would have, more important than knowledge I would learn, even more important than my breath. I wish that text wasn’t so important.


I believe the best solution would be to appeal to people emotions of empathy, by creating a situation where they feel negative emotions strongly enough to want to change.