Starts At Home

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Why can’t one put the phone down? Why would one hop in the car while being under the influence? These are just a couple questions we ask after the collision already happened. I’m a driver myself, and seeing people driving around on their phones is ridiculous. Yes if a police officer sees you on your phone while driving, they could give you a ticket, but there would have to be a cop on every corner to prevent that. In my opinion, everything stems from the home. My parents never were on their phone whenever we were in the car. So when I obtained my licensed and my car, my phone stays in the passenger seat until I reach my destination. So the parents have to want better, and lead by better example for their kids. Some people take for granted how much power the little things have in life. So a definite solution to prevent crashes is for the parents to lead by example. When they get in the car with their child, put the phone away, don’t be under the influence, and of course always wear a seatbelt. Just imagine, if parents came together and realized their driving habits are passed down to their children, so many teen lives would be saved. The fact that 50% of teens killed in car crashes were being driven by another teen is scary because you could show your child all the right ways to drive safely and attentively, but if they happen to go somewhere with their friend, that friend could be the one who thinks “I can multitask! Driving and picking a new song is easy!” and cost your child their life. There’s definitely a large spread of problems with distracted driving, but a good part of the problem could be fixed starting at home. If you lead by example, they will follow. Good or bad.