Off the Hood

Audryana O

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Do you remember, The day of when you First set foot in a car? The first time you put A foot on the gas pedal? Do you remember how nervous You were? There you were. Excited to get on the road. Nothing but the thought of Getting out the house, And growing up. You always learned to not Do the unthinkable while On the road. You looked at the screen. To change the song that continued To play on the radio? To answer the phone? To check an email? Then it happened. Before you could recall What happened, you looked up. You saw it all. You saw an innocent Teenager roll off the hood Of your car. You got out the car in a panic. With her body laying in the road Unconscious, you lost all feeling, Certain you were committed of murder. Her mother, With horrified screams in your ears, Ran at her daughter’s unmoved body, Panicked and screamed for help. The whole world started to slow down. You watched her unmoved body, Breathless and without life. As you got closer, She began to awake, With a shrill scream and cry That sent chills up and down your spine. As the police arrived, And the ambulance began to pull up, You remained at the scene. You scarred her life, and the way She saw life. Just for that split second, You could have killed her, You could have ruined the lives Of the people around her. How guilty would you feel, If her family never got the chance To see her again? Hear her laugh? Watch her graduate? The guilt would not only kill her, But yourself.