Stopping Past Miistakes

Nuzhat A

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“Again, I’m so sorry for your loss.” The girl replied, holding the door, “No, it’s alright ma’am.” “But, it was your sister!” the woman objected, “Certainly, she was special to you! She died at such a young age, seventeen, if I’m correct? Why, she died in a car crash as well!” “Yes,” the girl responded, pale pink lips forming a tight smile, “but it’s fine ma’am.” Before the woman could continue, a motherly voice called out, “Horatia!” “Well, that’s my cue.” The girl, Horatia, turned to her neighbor. “Bye, Mrs. Greener!” “Okay dear, good—” Horatia slammed the door shut, cutting off the woman’s adieu, and dashed up the stairs. “Yeah ma?” Horatia said once reaching her bedroom. Her mother grinned morosely. “It’s time for bed.” Horatia blinked, staring at the analog clock above her desk that read 10 o’clock. “Oh, okay.” Once her mother left, she settled down under the covers and turned out the lights. “If only I could reverse time.” ~(Rewind Back to March 20)~ “Let’s get going, Hora!” Pandora shouted, grabbing the car keys off the table, “You said you wanted to shop with me, right?!” Horatia’s eyes widened in surprise. Pandora was supposed to be dead after the car crash! Unless… No, it’s just a dream. But, what kind of dream lets you know that it’s fake? “Hora?” Horatia paused, her brush stuck in her midnight black hair. “I’m coming, Pan!” Quickly dressing up, Horatia managed to scuttle out of the house and buckle up in the car next to Pandora, who was talking on the phone with her friend. “Ready?” With a nod from her younger sibling, Pandora began to back out from the driveway, phone in one hand as she continued talking. Horatia bit her lip, perhaps Pandora died by getting distracted? “Hey, Pan?” The teen stopped mid backup, car barely out on the street. “Yeah, Hora?” “Mind ending your call before driving?” Hora asked quietly, pursing her lips. “And possibly giving me your phone?” “Okay.” Reluctantly, the teen hung up and handed her device to Horatia, who immediately silenced it. Pandora then pulled out her MP3 player from her purse, but before she could begin playing a song, Horatia once again told her to put it up. Seeing the anxious look on her sister, Pandora did so. Before getting out something else, Horatia snatched the black purse from her sibling’s lap and tossed it in the back. “What was that for?” Pandora incredulously exclaimed. Horatia answered, “Just keeping you safe. I don’t want you getting distracted.” “Okay, whatever.” Rolling her eyes, Pandora got out of the driveway and started driving on the streets, Horatia making sure that her sister wasn’t losing attention the entire trip. ~(Forward to March 21)~ Horatia suddenly snapped out of her sleep and peered over to the side, gasping when she saw Pandora resting beside her. Guess she had time traveled back to save her sister. Stretching a bit, Horatia slipped her eyes shut, allowing sleep to consume her. However, before falling asleep, she thought of one single thought: Make sure to keep all distractions away from anyone when they’re driving, even if you have to keep them in the back seat.