Was it Worth it

Asher F

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Dear Driver , was it worth looking down for a second. Seeing as you did not know you were going off the road slowly. By the time she saw you it was too late for as it was not her fault. Was it? Was it worth looking at what that text said. The moment you realize that there’s no going back Mr driver for as she’s fading out now. that one text was it worth it. She had a life and that simple text could have waited so why her!?. She was a straight-A student never was a bug to people but now she’s gone for good. Was it worth it?. Was looking into her eyes what you wanted. Was it worth telling her parents that you’re the reason their baby girl is dead. Is it worth feeling the pain grow heavy in your chest or is it worse knowing you could have waited a little longer to look down at that text. sincerely- Her best friend