Thoughts from Above

Brianna W


I remember how the impact felt. Sudden and swift. Blood was drawn, consciousness fading. I did not know how this could have happened, Here in sanctuary lying. I thought that I could do it all. Change the song, fix my hair and watch the dog being walked. I did not allow myself to see the semi coming. All my hard work was wasted in an instant. My career will remain incomplete. My wedding unplanned. My goodbyes never sent. Now all I see from here is the pain I caused. Friends and family drowning in tears. My only wish is that I could go down to warn them. To tell them that entertainment is not worth the cost of a life. Distractions while driving is lethal, this is now clear. Time to go, God’s plan for me is done. All I can do now is watch and wait, for someone to meet the same fate.


I decided to write this piece because just today I made some of these mistakes. I checked how I looked in the mirror. I grabbed my phone a couple times to turn on music and turn off GPS. I was not thinking at the time that a few seconds was all that it took for an accident to occur. It brought tears to my eyes writing this because life is a gift that is always taken for granted. Hopefully my words will influence adults and teens to always focus on the road. And for them to think of the consequences of their actions. If I win the contest, I will use the funds to better my education, thank you for your consideration!