Ten Seconds

Kendall H

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“It could never happen to me!” you always were so sure. It could happen to anyone, you knew, But never to you. When we were younger, I dressed as Cat Woman, you as Superman. Where was your cape that day? Clark Kent is no match For a 3,000 pound chunk of metal, Soaring at you at 60 MPH. Going that fast, In ten seconds, A car travels the length of a football field. Ten seconds. The time it takes to sing “Happy Birthday,” Something we still do. Ten seconds. 500,000 posts were made on Facebook worldwide. Too many were condolences. Ten seconds. 42 babies were born around the world, But your mother lost the most important baby in her world. Ten seconds. The universe expanded by nearly 100 miles, But it’s odd, It feels like my world has stopped turning. It feels like everything stopped. Everything stopped because he couldn’t stop to send his text. I’m sure it was important. I’m sure he thought he could hit send Before his eyes left the road long enough for anything to change. I know I have before. I’ve felt the urgency As my phone burned in my hand, Crying for my attention while the road did the same. But now I don’t listen. I would never again listen because no text- Nothing- Is as important as the human life I am risking to look at my phone.