It Can Happen to You

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Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

You open your eyes

Everything is foggy

You don’t know where you are but all of a sudden you realize —

You gain back the feeling in your fingertips and feel the sheets of the bed

You see your reflection, is this vision?

Are you alive, or dead?

You open your mouth to speak, but it hurts

Your lips are cracked and dry

You can’t find the words

“What happened?”

That thought is replaying over and over in your head

Like a memory you wish you could forget

“You’re lucky to be here,” the nurse says as she checks the rhythm of your heartbeat

All the ones you love are surrounding you

Your mom on the edge of the bed,

Best friend on a hospital seat

What do you remember?

You’re thinking back

The horror had left you temporarily

Your head throbbing, terribly

Forgetting gave you peace, it was like a vacation

To think it all started with a snapchat notification,

“View this week’s Twitter highlights”,

An alarm sounding reminding you to take the trash out that night

You picked up your phone for a second

Those things were too important to wait,


Every time you’ve touched your phone you still managed to stop at each light,

Still managed to drive straight,

Speeding a little to avoid being late

Fixing your makeup,

Continuously fumbling with the radio

Trying to find even a single song you know

Going through every station

You’re a good driver,

You see no limitations

And then all of a sudden you don’t see anything at all

All those stupid things lead to this downfall

And it made you crash into another car

Inside were a daughter and her father,

All you can think about right now is how they are

All they wanted was to go out and get ice cream

Your decisions changed the fate of how their night turned out to be

Everyone was okay,


Just think about recovery…

When you’re driving, that’s the only thing you should be focused on

This is a blessing and a lesson

You can tell your story

That if misused, a car can be a weapon

“It can’t happen to me”

The “it can wait” advertisements aren’t reality

But the fact is,

They are

So if you can’t stay off your phone,

Get out of your car.