Create Real Impact 2017 entry - What if?

Submitted by patriot_films
Entry ID: 4992


This is our submission for the 2017 Create Real Impact | Impact Teen Drivers video category. Entry for: Isaiah Schick Every year, far too many traffic related injuries/fatalities result from reckless or distracted driving, and teen drivers are at an elevated risk. This short video seeks to show drivers the consequences of distracted driving, not only for the driver but everyone else in the vehicle and those on the road with them, urging teens to speak up for their own safety and the safety of their peers. Cast and Crew: Teen driver: Isaiah Schick Teen Passenger: Sid Olson Deputy Sheriff: Kaleb Peterson EMS Paramedic: Sid Olson All scenes involving emergency equipment, uniforms and vehicles were filmed on a dead end road with appropriate permissions. Appropriate safety measures were observed at all times. Music: Ether - Silent Partner (CC Attribution License) License: Link to Song: