Choose Your Impact

Choose Your Impact

Impact- a verb meaning to come into forcible contact with another object.

Impact- a verb meaning to have a strong effect on someone.

Distracted driving can definitely impact a person’s life. Both definitions of impact may apply. The car may literally come into forcible contact with another object and the resulting wreck may have a strong effect on someone. My family has had to deal with the impact of a wreck caused by distracted driving. My aunt was killed in a car wreck four years. Just a split second of not paying attention and a life was lost. The impact on our family was devastating.
Everyday decisions are difficult for everyone no matter what age. Unfortunately, when that person happens to be a teenager, the choices may be overwhelming. Simple choices like driving safely should be a given. However, teenagers do not always think that they are doing anything unsafe. Distracted driving could mean anything from driving without a seat belt to talking on a cellphone while driving. It could be listening to music that is too loud or having friends in the car demanding your attention. Anything that takes your attention off of the road and your focus off of the driving, may cause a wreck because of distraction. If you were to get into a wreck and be gone forever, what would your IMPACT be? Would you be known for something great? Or would you be known for distracted driving?
We have all seen the commercials about the last text someone sent and what impact that person left behind. We could change all that. We could teach people that driving distracted is dangerous. There are some safety rules that should become the given for driving for everyone, both teenagers and adults. We have to get the message out that cell phones should be put down and not looked at or talked on while driving. That message or conversation can wait until you are safely stopped somewhere. Music and other noise levels should be kept down so as not to distract the driver. Eating in the car should be for the passengers only. These are simple choices, but they could have a huge impact on drivers and families.
Each person must decide what type of impact his or her life will have. Please choose wisely.
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Distracted Driving can impact a life- choose wisely.